What causes snoring?

There are many causes of snoring, but some of the most common include excess bodyweight, use of drugs and alcohol, congestion or swollen tonsils, aging, and apnea. As many as 50 percent of adults have some type of snoring problem.

Snoring is the result of the vibration of the soft tissues in your mouth and your throat. While awake, the muscles surrounding these structures tighten, keeping the air passage open. When you’re asleep, these soft tissues relax, and your lower jaw and tongue drop back, blocking the opening to your airway. This increases the speed of the air flowing through your airway when you breathe, which causes the soft tissues to vibrate. The sound of those vibrating tissues is what we call snoring.

Heavy snoring and delayed breathing of 10 seconds or more may be symptomatic of a more serious condition, sleep apnea, which is frequently associated with hypertension, stroke, and other cardiopulmonary problems.

 What you can do to stop snoring

There are several simple things that you can try to help stop snoring:
      Losing weight
      Avoiding alcohol
      Using a humidifier at night
    Applying nasal strips before bed

A customized appliance to treat snoring

Snoring is also treatable with a customized oral appliance. They come in many types and styles.

To make a custom oral appliance, we’ll first make impressions of your teeth. From those impressions we make precise working models of the teeth. On these models, we craft the appliance to exactly fit your mouth and teeth. Some oral appliances are made in our office, while others are made with the help of a dental laboratory. After constructing an appliance specific to your needs, we try it in and check the fit, and then make any other necessary adjustments.

For the first few nights, we suggest that you put the appliance in 15 minutes before sleep to help your mouth get used to the device. Although some soreness of the jaw muscle is normal for the first few nights, let us know if the appliance is otherwise uncomfortable, so we can adjust the fit.

After removing the appliance in the morning, brush it with toothpaste, rinse, and then store it in the container provided.

With this simple device, a customized oral appliance, we can treat your snoring, and you and your loved ones can go back to getting a good night’s sleep.

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