Scalingand RootPlaning


Why do I need scaling and root planing?

The goal of scaling and root planing is to eliminate the source of periodontal infection by removing the plaque, tartar, and bacterial toxins from the root surfaces of the teeth below the gumline.

When you have active periodontal disease, routine cleanings are not enough because they generally remove plaque and tartar from above the gumline only.

The procedure

To keep you comfortable, we usually numb the area before root planing begins.

Using specialized instruments, we carefully and meticulously remove the plaque and tartar around and beneath the gumline, and then smooth the root surfaces. This removes the source of infection and helps your gums heal. As they heal, your gums will tighten around your teeth.

We may schedule scaling and root planing over several appointments. This way we can promote your comfort, check the healing, and help you fine-tune your homecare efforts.

Root planing depth

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