In our office, we take pride in adhering to the highest possible infection control standards. We adhere to these standards because your health and welfare are important to us.

Many health care provders shudder at the possibility of an inspection by one of these governmnet agencies. I requested an OSHA inspection and welcome the State Board of Health to ensure the health and safety of both my staff and my patients.

Our infection control procedures

We control infection in a number of ways. We scrub our hands before and after each appointment, and always put on a new pair of disposable gloves. We also wear masks and protective eyewear.

All instruments are sterilized with an autoclave, and our handpieces are always heat sterilized between patients. In many cases, we use disposable supplies, such as paper bibs, paper cups, cotton rolls, and gauze pads to avoid potential infection.

We use protective barriers on exposed surfaces, like the handles on light fixtures and other equipment. All other surfaces are disinfected according to government standards.

We dispose of biodental waste and sharp instruments in safe containers provided through a biomedical disposal company.

To protect everyone who comes into our office, all staff members are vaccinated for hepatitis B.

We regularly update infection control procedures for all staff members, and keep the office current with the latest infection control standards.

 Mask and eyewear                                           Instruments are sterilized

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