Gingivectomy, sometimes called gum reduction surgery, is a safe and predictable procedure for removing excess gum tissue from the front surface of the teeth.

Why is gingivectomy necessary?

When gums extend too far onto the front surface of the teeth, the natural balance between the length of the teeth and the height of the gums is lost. This can make the teeth appear too short. With a gingivectomy, we can return your gums to a more healthy and attractive condition.

A gingivectomy might also be necessary to remove diseased tissue.

The procedure

The first step in a gum reduction procedure is making sure that all of the involved areas are completely numb. We then carefully make a small incision and remove the excess gum tissue.

 Overgrown gums                                                Removal of excess tissue An improved smile

The results

After a couple of weeks, the area will be completely healed, and it will look much more natural, with the gums tight against the necks of the teeth.

A gingivectomy is an effective method for improving the natural appearance of a person’s smile.

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